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LTM - Leadership Training for Managers


In today’s competitive environment, leaders are besieged by:

• Rapid change

• A multigenerational workforce

• Having to do much more with fewer resources


The paradigm shift from "managing" to "leading" in modern

organizations has been caused by a recognition of the dramatic affect

leadership principles have on organizational success. Consensus,

teamwork, bottom-up idea generation, alignment, loyalty and

commitment are just a few of the outcomes of the switch from pushing

people to achieve to pulling employees to succeed.


You can generate similar outcomes for your team, department or

entire organization when you partner with Dale Carnegie Training®.

Working with you,we will customize a program built around the results

you want to achieve. We will help you create formal and informal

leaders who are aligned with you and will help drive your agenda.

In short, combining your dreams and vision with our unique

methodology will result in employees supporting a world they helped



The only, sustainable competitive advantage is the innovation and

creativity of the employees of an organization.


A leadership culture provides the environment where innovation and

creativity can grow.


Course structure

(7 Weeks - 3 hours 1/2 per session per week)



 1. Understanding the distinction between personal leadership and organizational leadership

• Identify the qualities of a good leader

• Recognize the leadership role in organizations

• Understand the 5 drivers of leadership success

2. Creating an innovation process and understanding the planning process

• Discover the process that drives innovation

• Master the 8-step planning process

• Develop and deploy the implementation plan

3. Understanding the performance process and accountability

Creating a coaching and appraisal process

• Align performance goals with strategy

• Define performance standards

• Hold people accountable

• Learn effective coaching techniques

4. Improving problem analysis and decision-making

Recognizing human potential

• Master different methods of problem analysis and decision-making

• Recognize the potential of others

5. Employing a delegation process

Handling mistakes

• Learn the 8 step delegation process

• Handle mistakes with consideration

• Help people accept new ideas

6. Building quality communication to lead and facilitate more effective meetings

• Use human relations principles to develop teamwork and trust

• Promote interactive communication

• Strengthen listening skills

7. Striving for continuous improvement

• Balancing continuous improvement and breakthrough

• Recognize individual and team success

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