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4 Ideas to create an awesome workplace

4_Ideas_to_create_an_awesome_place_to_work_inSome organizations have the reputation of being an awesome place to work: Google has bowling alleys and free food, Johnson & Johnson offers private concierge services to its employees and Air Transat gives free flights. But remember that not every business has that kind of budget. Employee engagement, their level of commitment and their willingness to recommend their company as a great place to work and do business can make or break an organization. 

The question is: How do we create a great work atmosphere without necessarily having an amusement park in the office?

Learn 4 employee engagement ideas that are critical to retaining employees, improving customer satisfaction and increasing your ROI (return on investment).

1. Create a meaningful vision

Set strategic and cultural goals to steer the company in the right direction in order to achieve its vision. Leading with a positive attitude can create a culture of engagement that inspires employees. For example, your company can support a cause that directly reflects your core values. Employees need to feel that they belong to a community that shares their values. Your philanthropic program will create the strongest bond if it is an extension of the company’s values. When it becomes an integral part of the business, it creates an “emotional profit center” that can only make your organization grow.

2. Listen to them

When an organization encourages open and honest communication, employees feel more engaged. They welcome the opportunity to share concerns and work together to find solutions. Employees who are more satisfied with the amount of input they have in decision-making affecting their work are twice as engaged than dissatisfied ones.

3. Help them grow

Provide employees with coaching that uncovers the opportunity to develop new skills..Senior leaders can create engagement by ensuring employees receive immediate and helpful (constructive) feedback. Investing in internal or external training programs is another way to increase engagement. Workers need to feel that what they do is meaningful and that they work for a company that cares about their personal development.

4. Promote a spirit of teamwork and cooperation

Positive peer interactions allow employees to look forward to going to work. Having the right attitude and the willingness to work together harmoniously allows the team member to overcome almost any situation that would prevent them from succeeding. 

With these few tips, you can start creating the amazing workplace that your employees can feel proud of, thus becoming ambassadors for your organization. To learn more tips and techniques to increase their level of engagement, come to our Employee Engagement Workshop: bit.ly/ManagingGenerations


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