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Break the ice, polar bear style

break_the_ice_polar_bear_style“Hello, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?” “No” “Well, enough to break through the ice.” This might be a somewhat corny and bizarre introduction, but it such does attract attention! What about you? How do you break the ice when you meet someone for the first time?

The anticipation of your name

To begin with, state your name clearly and slowly so that your conversation partner understands it easily. How often have you had a stimulating conversation with someone who introduces himself very quickly without giving you the opportunity to seize his name? It makes you feel uneasy. Avoid this problem; be the leader of this conversation. Introduce yourself with a touch of suspense: “Hello, my name is (pause) Julie (another pause) Smith.” After such an introduction, you will notice that your conversation partner understands and remembers your name; what’s more, he will introduce himself as clearly as you did.

Get him to talk

People enjoy talking about themselves. Ask him questions about his family, his origins, and his work, his travels, and his favourite hobbies, etc. Observe him. When you see the sparkle in his eyes as he talks about a particular subject, push the conversation further. Let him know you are interested in what excites him, and communicate it to him sincerely. Not only will you broaden your own horizons, but you won’t need to rack your brain to come up with a topic of conversation! A true leader understands why nature has endowed us with two ears and only one mouth!


Your smile lights up your voice, puts a sparkle in your eyes and promotes self-confidence. A smile will put your conversation partner at ease and facilitate your conversation. When you smile, you come across as an open-minded and sociable person; people will seek out your company. No matter how we look at it, everything seems more beautiful with a smile!

In the course of our interactions with our conversation partners, we can express three types of feelings: a negative attitude, a disinterested attitude or a feeling of well-being. When using these techniques, you become part of a group of people who leave a positive mark.

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