Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Sales Excellence

Become a Trusted Business Partner

In today’s complex sales environment, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy.

Only intentional sales professionals who cut through the noise to foster authentic client centered relationships can truly help their customers win. A strong customer relationship allows the sales organization to build trust, offer insights, and then help the customer meet their business objectives.


Who Should Attend

Career Sales Professionals, consultants and contractors operating within a company who require buy-in from their clients and colleagues.


You will be able to:
• Develop rapport and trust
• Shift from addressing tactical needs to developing a strategic business partnership
• Ask thought-provoking questions that add value to your partners
• Uncover buyers’ primary objectives and emotional motives
• Present solutions in a compelling manner
• Lead stakeholders and business partners to consider new approaches for success
• Overcome buyer hesitation
• Become a Trusted Business Partner to your internal and external clients



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