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How to give uplifting feedback

Du_feedback_qui_fait_plaisir“We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.” Bill Gates. As a manager, your role is to develop your employees’ full potential: you are their guide, their coach, their leader. Being a leader is a vocation. After receiving  feedback, your employees should be motivated and boosted, instead of feeling resentment or being on the defensive. Here are a few tips to give efficient feedback, inspired by Dale Carnegie Training ®.

Too much is the same as too little. 

Prioritize what you want to improve the most and focus on the most urgent matter. Wanting to change everything at once will overwhelm and change nothing. Pick one issue to work on at a time.

A question of timing.

“Late again?” Too often, it's the only feedback the employee will receive. Give timely feedback. A quick correction can avoid the creation of bad habits. However, if you wish to discuss a sensitive issue, take the time to prepare what you want to say because spontaneity is not always your ally! For example, if your employee is regularly late, schedule a private meeting to discuss the source of the problem and to find a compromise.

Make a sandwich.

Start with the good things he does, then talk about what he needs to adjust and conclude with a positive comment on focussed-improvement. For example, “Your presentation was really well prepared and very well-structured, we got the impression that the subject was mastered. Are you open to a suggestion? Your speech rate was a little fast and  sometimes hard to follow. I would suggest to take the time to breathe and to mark a pause between each of your ideas, so that your presentation is more impactful.” Rather than an abrupt comment like: “You were speaking too fast.”

Be a cheerleader.

Offer positive reinforcement: don’t be stingy with congratulations! Let the person know that you noticed his efforts to improve and encourage his energy in that direction. “Wow! By slowing down your speech rate, your presentation has much more impact! Great job.” We say that for an action to become a new habit, a person has to repeat it 7 times. Your appreciation will help your employee to opt for this change of behaviour.
Feedback is an activity review, something that everybody needs to get better at what they do.  Enroll in our Leadership Training for Managers Course and become the leader that your team needs.

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The ultimate objective of feedback is not only to provide employees with supportive and corrective insights that relate to organizational objectives, but also to make them feel supported, motivated, and engaged. However, sometimes corrective actions are necessary. Handling mistakes or conflicts is often a difficult process for managers. Here are some tips for providing constructive feedback that will not insult but rather motivates your employees. 




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