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How to make a punchy introduction

IntroductionThere are two crucial moments during a flight: lift-off and landing. If you miss one of them, your vacation will most probably be ruined. The same goes for your presentations. How many people know how to grab their public’s interest within the first moments of their presentations? It is essential to make our public be in an open state of mind and receptive to our message. Here are 3 types of punchy introductions to start your presentation on the right foot:

The shocking statement

“Look around you. One out of three employees won’t be here next year if we don’t change the way we work.” Start with a fact or a statement that will make your public think, that will grab its attention and that will open their mind to the message that you are trying to convey.

The analogy

“Nowadays, our cell phones have an important place in our lives. So much so that our heart almost stops beating every time we drop it on the floor! Nobody would consider buying a new cell phone without a protective casing. Do you think that your cell phone is worth more than your life? Yet, we spend more easily on a cell phone protective case than on life insurance. Why?” Make them understand the importance of your message by comparing it to a fact, an event or a story to which your audience can relate.

The good news

“Yesterday, we closed the books of our last fiscal year. Everyone will be particularly pleased to know that we exceeded all of our financial objectives! Everyone present in this room will be entitled to a bonus. Congratulations and thank you for your good work!” How can you not want to know the rest? By sharing your joy and enthusiasm, you just created a special link with your public, an emotional link that brings you together. The good news strategy puts your public in a joyful and accepting state towards the message you wish to convey.

Within the first seconds of your presentation, your public is making an opinion about you. Don’t miss your chance to impress!

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