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How to make ideas flow in your team meetings

How_to_make_ideas_flow_in_your_team_meetingIt’s been said many times, to maintain a competitive edge, your company needs to drive innovation and continuously improve. When you’re leading a team meeting, you want your people to participate and interact with each other, so you can create an atmosphere where ideas and creativity flow naturally. Make this a priority and take this opportunity to strengthen relationships within your team. Here are few tips to ease the idea exchange and build stronger team dynamics.

Give them time to think about it. Before the meeting, let them know what issue will be discussed. Ask them to prepare answers to these 4 questions: What is the issue? What are its causes? What are the possible solutions? What is the best solution to resolve it? When you facilitate this meeting, give people time to think about what they are going to say. Don't rush to fill in the silence, this could cut off the ideas and creativity flow. 

You don't always have to have the answer. It is always appropriate to say you don’t know when you don’t know. Offer to get back to them with the answer or ask the question to the group for ideas. Being the leader doesn’t mean being the knowledge keeper, it means that you know how to surround yourself with the right people to answer these questions. As their leader, you are their guide, you lead your team and centralize their knowledge, so they can collaborate together to reach a common goal. 

Don't rate the answers or the questions you get when you facilitate by saying, "That's a great question." If you do, the first time you don’t say it, the person who spoke might feel that their comment is not as good as other comments and they may stop participating. Instead, listen with empathy, nod your head and smile. In other words, make everyone feel that what they’re saying is relevant, valuable and keep the conversation going.

Give appreciation when people interact and participate by simply saying things like, "Thanks," "That's it," or "Sure." By doing so, you’re reinforcing their desire to be part of the discussion and encouraging participation. 

Let them save face If one person answers a question with an incorrect or inappropriate answer, help that person save face. Take any part of the response that was correct and reformulate it to make it a relevant statement. Make sure to keep the conversation efficient by redirecting answers to where the conversation should be going.

By caring about what they have to say, you will lead your team to be more creative and interactive. This collaborative mood is going to elevate your team’s spirit and performance. 

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