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CBS money watch 03/21/2012
The original self-improvement book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," was written by Dale Carnegie in 1937. Since then, however, it has never been updated for the world of ubiquitous Internet access. If it had been, an entire chapter might have been devoted to improving your email communication as a way to increase your influence.
Market Watch 03/06/2012
Award Recognizes Commitment to Employee Development
Business Day 03/06/2012
A book written in 1936 has been updated and re-released to comment on modern-day digital relationships​
The Financial Post 03/06/2012
The CEO of Dale Carnegie & Associates, Peter Handal, has had a front row seat to some of the most prominent shifts in workplace dynamics and recently sat down with Dan Ovsey, editor of FP Executive, to talk about the Zuckerberg phenomenon, executives’ interpersonal skills and the impact of Millennials’ digital communication preference on workplace productivity. Following is an edited transcript of their conversation.
The Independent 03/21/2012
Few subjects are quite so divisive – but self-help books have become a billion-dollar business. With four 'classics' of the genre about to be republished, Nick Duerden goes searching for enlightenment.​
USA Today 02/08/2012
We've all had those days: A failure to launch. Hit a wall. Too many interruptions. Got distracted. Whatever the reason, an unproductive day is maddening but not hopeless.
The Globe and Mail 11/28/11
It is important for companies to develop leadership skills at every level, read about what Michael Crom has to say about his experience at Dale Carnegie, but also the tips one can take away from Dale Carnegie training.
Results: 41 Article(s) Found