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Public speaking

These blog articles will give you tools to help you make a greater impact when speaking in public, to increase your self-confidence and to compel your audience to take action. Learn to sell your ideas more effectively.


IntroductionHow to make a punchy introduction

Do you know how to grab the attention of your public for it to be in an open state of mind and receptive to our message? Here are 3 types of punchy introductions to do so.



Presentation effectiveness lies with evidence

Use those primary tools to convince others of your point of view and reach the height of presentation effectiveness.


StorytellingStorytelling: A Good, Well Told Story

Here are a few tips on how to use a story competently in your speeches and how to recognize the optimal use of storytelling.



Taming your glossophobia

Here are some tips and advice to help you tame your butterflies before speaking in public.



Vocal_impact_smallVocal Impact

The human voice is an instrument that everyone can play. However, we are not all masters of the art! There are several aspects of our voice that we can modulate to create the impact we wish to have on our audience.


Your_very_own_Your_very_own_acceptance_speechYour very own acceptance speech

4 easy-to-remember letters that will help you prepare for a successful thank-you speech even if it is improvised! Simply remember TOUT.



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