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Sculpt_a_culture_around_employeesNever in recent recorded history have we experienced such massive geopolitical, demographic, sociographic and psychographic changes, and there are a lot more to come. Companies and businesses are no longer able to mass market their products and services as once before: the stark reality is that most of them have simply been unable to change or adjust to this new world order. The net result is that we are now in the midst of an employee engagement crisis.


For the past 2 years, Dale Carnegie Quebec has delivered over 8 workshops on "How Senior Leaders Create Engaged Employees". The level of interest for these popular workshops demonstrates that the phenomenon is very real and companies and organizations are taking notice in a serious way.
In our 5 step solution, we clearly describe a path to create a culture of engaged employees. The solutions are simple, yet not easy, and they do take time.

1) Measure engagement periodically. People don’t want to work in a place where they don’t have a voice. They want to feel heard and valued. Top managers should hear what they have to say. Periodically make them fill out a survey to talk about what they expect from work, if they have the appropriate material, resources, help and competencies that they need.

2) Develop a plan to address disengagement.  Take the results of the survey that you did and see what can be done to solve this situation. Training to gain new competencies? A more efficient computer program? A new employee to reduce overwork? Develop specific measures to fight dissatisfaction.

3) Hold managers accountable for their employee's engagement. Companies should provide leadership coaching for their managers and empower them with an engagement plan. Team leaders should be tracking their progress and ensuring they focus on emotionally engaging their employees.

4) Create a culture that encourages engagement. Employees should find a personal fit within their company culture. Define the company vision and values to reach your goals and apply it into each of your initiatives. Make your employees a priority, it’s been proven many times: they will go over and above if you actually care about them!

5) Recognize and reward progress. It’s a huge motivator to change behaviour. Recognition and rewarding are the basis of positive reinforcement. Be original! Think outside the box, there are thousand of ways to recognize their work. Do it and let the magic begin.

Dale Carnegie's training programs have always been recognized worldwide for empowering individuals in a way that lifts their levels of engagement in virtually all areas of their work and personal lives. They often become champion recognition givers and top-level performers in their companies. To know more about how we can help you, come to our free event: bit.ly/WorkingWithGenY

For more information on this, download our free white paper :


Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement

Everyday people make decisions based off of their emotions. Their levels of engagement in the workplace will be related to the emotions felt about their organization, the immediate manager, and senior management.  This White Paper will identify emotional drivers of employee engagement.



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