Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Strengthen relationships

Learn all you need to know to bolster your business networking efforts by strengthening your inter-personal relationships. This series of articles will give you plenty of suggestions for managing stress and building up your self-confidence so you can emerge as a leader in your network relationships.


break_the_ice_polar_bear_styleBreak the ice, polar bear style

Use your weight as would a polar bear: leave a positive mark on your conversation partner by using the following 3 simple rules.



Influencing Others to Follow Your Way of Thinking

Because it’s difficult to be an effective leader without having others understand your perspective, here are four ways to get them hooked on your ideas, policies and/or outlook.


Networking_tips_to_strengthen_your_connectionNetworking tips to strengthen your connection

4 follow-up tips to expand your business networking and strengthen your relationships.


Stop_worrying,_start_workingStop worrying, start working

Because stress  is known as the 21st century epidemic, here are 4 tips to control your reaction to stress and start working to your full potential.






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