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Taming your glossophobia

Taming_your_glossophabiaSweaty palms, lump in your stomach, cold sweats, breathless… ”What if I forget what I need to say?”; “What if I stutter?”  Who has never felt this discomfort before speaking in public? It’s no surprise that this phobia ranks first amongst all fears, according to a Wall Street Journal study, even before the fear of flying or spiders. Here are a few tips and some advice to help you tame the feelings that petrify you before speaking in public.

Keep your eye on the ball. Why are you here? What is the objective of this presentation: inform, explain, convince? ”I am here to explain the new advertising strategy to my colleagues.“;  “I am here to sell our software to this client.“; “I am giving a toast at my daughter’s wedding.” Before getting on stage, remind yourself why you are giving this presentation and drive your energy towards this goal: keep your eye on the ball.

Meet your audience.  Arrive early and take the time to meet and discuss with the participants in person; smile and shake hands.  That way, you will connect and build a relationship with them before assuming your role as the speaker.  After that, you will be able to speak naturally to the people instead of the crowd; you will have humanized your audience.

Survive to the first minute. The first minute is always the most stressful: breathe, take breaks, take your time and smile! You could begin your presentation with a joke to lighten up the atmosphere and help your audience become more open to your message. Start off on the right foot and the rest will follow naturally. 

Find your ally. Establish and maintain a visual contact with your audience, especially with someone that smiles back with an encouraging attitude. That way, when you feel the pressure building up inside of you, turn to this person to help you relax.

No one has died from public speaking and what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Think about the great satisfaction and pleasure it would give you to share your thoughts and feelings with confidence. Speaking confidently gives the appearance of strength and power. Dale Carnegie Training® can help you feel this great sense of achievement and self-satisfaction.

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