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Vocal Impact

The human voice is an instrument that everyone can play. However, we are not all masters of the art! There are several aspects of our voice that we can modulate to create the impact we wish to have on our audience.

Julian Treasure, leading sound expert, explains in a TED Talk how best to use our vocal tools to give greater impact to our presentations.


You can also vary your vocal register. A deep voice conjures up an image of authority and self-confidence on the part of the speaker while a high-pitched voice gives the impression of candor, youthfulness. Statistically, people tend to vote for politicians with a deep voice.
The tone identifies the quality of your voice, what makes it unique. Most people enjoy listening to a voice that is both supple and soft.
Vocal intonation blends several features of your voice. The modulation, pitch, and tonality, as well as the intonation, pronunciation, and pace of your spoken language reflect your emotions and the impact you wish to have on your audience. Some people will end their spoken words in the form of a question despite the fact they have articulated a statement while others speak in a conversational tone. Learn to modulate your voice in keeping with the impact you want to make on the public.
Silence can convey a powerful message. There is no need to fill the void with uhh’s and hum’s. Simply let the silence speak for itself in the assembly.
The pace is the speed at which you speak: a slow pace allows you to add emphasis to your statement whereas a very rapid pace will keep your listeners on their toes! They won’t want to miss a word you say.
The intonation expresses the intent of the speaker. Asking the question: “Have you seen my keys?” in a questioning tone of voice carries a far different impact when stated in an exclamatory pitch!
Modulate the volume of your voice: learn to adjust the volume of your voice according to the weight of your message. Speak loudly to catch the attention of your audience, or speak softly to ensure people remain attentive to your words. 
“The tone of voice excites the imagination. The spoken word is the precursor to intimacy; it becomes easier to embellish the image one has formulated.” 
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