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Your very own acceptance speech

Your_very_own_Your_very_own_acceptance_speech“And the winner is ...” and your name is announced. All eyes are upon you. People smile at you and applaud. Clap Clap Clap. You stand up. Clap Clap Clap. You smile. Clap Clap Clap. And people wait for your ‘thank you’ speech. You have no idea what to say. You smile, yet you have no clue as to what you could reply. This predicament will never happen again.
 Examine this simple 4-letter acronym. It will act as a prompt to say the things you need to say when giving a successful thank you speech, even if it is improvised: TOUT  
Thank You. Your first thought should be to thank your audience. Expressing your gratitude will set the tone for the rest of your speech. Adapt your words to the situation. For instance, when receiving a professional accolade, use a more formal approach such as: “It’s an honour to be among you this evening, and I’m sincerely grateful to be given this award.” In a less formal setting, where the event is casual, your opening statement might be more forthcoming: “Thank you everybody, I’m really moved!”
Others I would credit are… Take a moment to express your gratitude to those people or organizations with whom you have worked. Name names and tell your audience how each of these people has, in his or her own way, contributed to the achievement of this award. “I am especially grateful to the exceptional people who have lent me their support: they are the reason I stand before you today.” In addition to sharing this honour with others, you add a new dimension to your speech.
U - How does this impact U? Mention your interest in receiving this award, this honour or this tribute and its significance to you. Explain the reason(s) why you feel you deserve this prize. If time allows, share an amusing or moving anecdote associated to your history leading to this event. This will help create a friendly atmosphere and put a human face on your award. 
Thanks again. Close your speech with a simple “Thank You”. In doing so, you express your gratitude to the audience who has listened to you, and who has given you its support, and you do so without overloading your speech. Your simple “Thank You” stated in a warm and expressive tone will convey your feelings at having received this honour.
TOUT. Remember this uncomplicated word. You will never again fear another thank you speech! Thank your audience, state the significance of this award for you, express your gratitude to those who have helped you along the way, and end your speech with a heartfelt “thank you”.
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